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Get out of your head and get into the swing of things.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’m going to say it again. Often, when doing the type of ‘energetic’ work that I do, I find that when I give a session, I get a session. Meaning, the messages that come up for my clients are the messages that I myself need to hear. That has continued to be the case over the last two weeks. Over these past weeks the case of ‘monkey mind’ has shown up repeatedly with my Intuitive Life Coaching clients. You know, when you’re SOOOOOO overthinking every little thing that comes into your vibration and you brain is just all over the place. ‘What about this? But then what about this? And what if this happens? Should I do A? Or maybe I should do B!’ You get the idea.

Last week I was talking about the need to get out of that head space, make a decision, and then just trust that decision as opposed to doing that overthinking thing and trying to be absolutely positive that that decision is the correct one. Afterall, the Law of Attraction teaches to just make a decision and then line up with it, stating that when you do, it will in fact be the right decision. My client then asked the million dollar question….’How do I do that? How do I trust?’ Good question. And I realized that in order to absolutely trust, you have to let go. You have to basically remove yourself…your monkey mind…from the situation. Again…. ‘How?’

The only way I’ve learned to do that is to feel my way through it. And a pendulum. Lately I’ve had some pretty big decisions to make. Decisions that have caused me to be all up in my head. Again, that space where I can’t possibly make a decision, let alone one I trust and feel is the right one. So I’ve actually just stopped trying to make them at all. I’ve walked away from the issue and chosen something else to feel good about. And then, in order to stay out of my head, I’ve picked up a pendulum.

Now, if you’ve never used a pendulum, you’re totally missing out. Not only can it help you decipher what you should and shouldn’t do…it’s just cool as hell. A pendulum works because it responds to your vibration. So, if you’re feeling good and clear and out of your head, it’s going to respond to the true vibration of how you feel about something and give it to you straight.

So thank you Universe for putting these particular clients with this particular lesson in my path. The big take away for me?

Get out of my head and get in to the swing of things…

Live and learn in Munay.

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