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Have fun or let it go.

If you’ve been reading my posts over the past two years, you can probably tell I’m all about Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. I just love how it works. So I was listening to one of their workshops the other day and someone brought up the subject of ‘action,’ or ‘effort.’ He was saying how he had gone to a business coaching workshop with a pretty popular teacher and this teacher was all about setting goals and taking action all the time. Now, if you’ve ever studied the L of A with Abraham-Hicks, they talk about NOT taking action until you’re inspired to. In other words, don’t bother making lists and setting goals and putting your nose to the grindstone and struggling or ‘efforting,’ or forcing yourself to move forward on your path or towards those goals. Instead, just get out of the way and wait for something INSPIRED to come to you, then go do that. In other words, just let go.
I hang out with a really amazing group of Animal Communicators. We all help each other by reading each other and our animals. And in our type of AC, we always read the human first, then the animal. We’re always looking for the lessons the animals in our lives are trying to teach us. In almost every reading I’ve had with these friends, one of the lessons or messages that keeps coming up for me is to let go. To stop stressing. To just chill. (Apparently I’m fairly tightly wound…) And it is funny because sometimes I’ll say something out of the blue and my hubby will look at me like I’m crazy. Then I’ll explain to him the process that took place in my head to get me to that crazy statement. And he’ll laugh. And it always makes me think….
Do other people’s minds not work like mine?
I’ve often said to people that if they spent 30 seconds in my head they’d probably put their hands over their ears, start screaming, and run for the hills.
A week or so ago I was really doing my best to ‘effort’ my way through some stuff that was coming up. I mean, I was doing my best to wrestle this sh*$t to the ground…and by that I mean WAY overthinking it. I was so in my head that I was physically bumping in to stuff because I wasn’t seeing it. I was feeling completely lost and out of control that I couldn’t ‘fix’ the stuff I was trying to fix. And when I say fix I mean ‘make it work out in the exact perfect way so I can now move on to something else and that problem will be gone forever.’ So I made an appointment to see my dear friend and Reiki Master. I’ll admit, I was in pretty bad shape when I went in there. And I was like, “Ya know what?! The hell with it! I give up. I’m just not doing this anymore. I’m just going to sit around all day and play with my dog and just do whatever I feel like doing when I feel like doing it!” And you know what happened once I did that? Once I stopped efforting? I felt better. I felt relief. During that AH workshop I was listening to, they said, “Have fun with it or let it go.” And I realized, when I’m efforting, I’m not having fun. So I’m letting that go… I think they call this practicing what you preach…
Live and learn in munay.

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