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Follow the leader.

Tis the season! For Hallmark Christmas movies. My guess is, if you were to look back at my blog posts from a year ago, somewhere in there you’d find a post that mentions Hallmark Christmas movies. I love them and I watch them. It just is what it is. (Did you know that the first Romantic Comedy was written by Jane Austen? Pride and Prejudice was basically the first Rom-Com and all others up to present day are based on it. I’m a writer and love J.A. and P and P, so this is how I rationalize the love of Hallmark movies…But I digress.)
I was recently watching one of said movies and at the very end, the character is explaining herself to her parents. She says something like, ‘Mom always said to listen to your head, but follow your heart.’ This is another way I rationalize the love of these silly movies…every now and then, they use the Law of Attraction to make their point!
Last week and last weekend were kind of rough for me. There were business things going on behind the scenes that were messing with my head. See I’m definitely one of those people who want to please everyone around me. I want everyone to be happy and to feel good and to like me. That last part is a tough one. I was talking to a friend yesterday about the need for approval from others. Somewhere in the wanting everyone to like us is actually that NEED for approval. Not to blame my parents or anything, but I believe that this need comes from growing up with brothers and sisters and jockeying for attention. Again, it just is what it is. The problem is, when you get sucked in to that need, you’re just all up in your head. So you’re thinking… Maybe I’m not good enough? Maybe I really did something wrong? Maybe since they aren’t emailing me back, they hate me now and are blowing me off? Maybe I’m no longer good enough? Clearly a downward spiral. You’re only listening to your head and giving all of your power to things outside of yourself. Definitely NOT following your heart.
Don’t get me wrong, we have to listen to our head in order to move through life. We just can’t let it take over. Your head can play tricks on you. It can convince you of all those things I just mentioned. But your heart? Your heart tells you you are good enough. Your heart tells you you did nothing wrong. Your heart believes in you. When you follow your heart, you’re making all your choices from within, from the very center of you. From your higher power, your source energy. So the next time you’re all up in your head, go ahead and listen to it for a minute, take the information you need, then move down to your heart…
And follow it.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!
In Munay…
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