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Find your truth. And let them find theirs.

The other day I was at my doctor’s office discussing something I’ve got going on. We were trying to figure out if this is a symptom of the infusion I get every three weeks, the drug I have to take, or just plain anxiety. Unfortunately, I’m banking on the anxiety. My guess is no one is going to disagree with me when I say we’ve all got a lot of that going on. When my doc asked me what I was feeling anxious about, we both kind of stopped, and then started laughing. As we sat there looking at one another, both wearing masks and her wearing a big old plastic shield in front of her face. I admitted to her it’s EXTREMELY difficult for me to wear a mask as it brings on panic attacks. I also told her that I’m a geek and tend to read scientific studies about all this stuff going on and there didn’t seem to be any way to find THE truth out there in the world. She actually stopped, turned towards me, dropped her head for a second and said, ‘You’re right. At this point, we can’t find the truth.’ Not very comforting when your doctor whom you love and trust admits to you that she can’t either.

Like I said, I do my own research and read studies and listen to ‘professionals’ from a variety of areas and I’ve come to believe what I believe. Is it THE truth? I don’t know. But it’s mine. I think at least some of our anxiety comes from that ‘needing’ to know the absolute truth. So when we realize that that kind of doesn’t exist, there can be a sense of panic. Now we have to find it ourselves. We have to figure out what it is we ourselves believe. Unfortunately, often once we have that, we do everything we can to make sure all the folks around us believe the same thing we do so we can feel better about believing that thing we do. 

But what if we didn’t? What if like Abraham-Hicks says, we made a decision and lined up with it? What if we did our own searching, found what resonates with us in this world and just felt good about that decision and went on with our lives? 

What if we found our truth and let them find theirs?

I had a client recently ask me how to deal with folks that were fearful and negative and constantly telling him that he too had to feel that way, and that if he didn’t, he was wrong, or selfish, or uncaring about his fellow man. He wanted to know how to convince them that what he was thinking was the way to go. I told him you don’t. If it’s okay for you to believe what you believe, it’s got to be okay for them to believe what they believe.

I’ll say something for 2020…it sure has brought us all lessons.

Live and Learn with love.

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