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Energy Management 101.

I just had a conversation with my friend about ‘energy management’ that made me think. As Animal Communicators, we’re taught all about energy management and how it’s a really big part of our readings. You just can’t do a good reading if your energy is wonky, if you’re worried about something else going on in your life, or basically if your mind is occupied by anything other than the task at hand. So yea, we get really good at energy management.

In our conversation today we were talking about a teaching moment we have coming up and how we really want to make sure everyone gets that energy management isn’t just something you do before you connect energetically with an animal or a human. I said, “YES! We really want to make sure everyone understands that this is something you can use all the time! And you can’t just say, ‘I know I need to manage my energy right now,’ but then not do it!”

Which is exactly what I realize I’ve been doing. Or not doing as it were. I’ve been talking about and teaching energy management and how important it is to be using all the time…yet not doing my own when I need it. I’ve written about my dog Blue before and how his energy is well, wonky at times, and how that crazy amped up energy has this crazy amped up effect on me that is a bit hard to take sometimes. So his energy is over the top and feels out of control which in turn makes my energy over the top and I feel out of control when I’m around him while he’s like that.

Case in point. This morning we were packing the car to head out for a weekend wedding. The dogs of course see that we’re prepping to leave and start getting excited. Blue’s excitability was REALLY out of hand and I found it was making me a little crazy. Like I was starting to feel physically ill. What a perfect time to manage my energy! Yet… I didn’t. I have all the tools, but I didn’t take the time to put even one of those tools to work.

I keep saying how Blue is here to teach me a lesson that I need to learn.

Maybe he just did.

These animals. Amazing aren’t they?

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