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Don’t assume it’s going to make sense…

The other day I did a reading for a woman, connecting with three cats that had made their way in to her life. They were strays, a mom and her two kittens and they had just shown up one morning and kind of made themselves at home. The woman told me she wasn’t living in a place where she could keep the cats so she said she wanted to know how they would feel about being taken to the local shelter to be adopted. But what she really wanted was for me to ask them to tell her exactly what she should do. But that’s not always how this works.
Sure, I have connected with animals that have told me exactly what they wanted. A certain type of food, a specific bed, even how they wanted to transition from this life to the next. But they don’t always do that. And these cats didn’t. What they did show me was that they had no attachment to where they were or really where they were going. They were just there for now and would move on when it was time. And that was hard for this woman because again she wanted them to tell me what she should do. She assumed she had to do something and that these cats needed her help. Plus, having no attachment to going to a shelter didn’t make sense to this woman and doesn’t for most humans. We assume that that’s something any animal would avoid. But animals don’t think like us. (One of the cats actually thought going to a shelter and being around a bunch of other animals would be kind of cool.)
A couple of months ago I read a cat that had gone missing. Not all Animal Communicators read for ‘lost animals’ and I’ll admit I don’t always like to, but the way I receive information lends itself to that type of reading so I have a hard time saying no. HOWEVER, before any lost animal reading I always tell my clients that I can only give them the information I receive from the animals and….here’s the big thing….a lost animal doesn’t always want to be found. What?! It’s true. The cat I connected with didn’t even see himself as lost. He had just moved on from the situation he was in because he wanted to be in a different one. He’s alive and well, happy doing his own thing. Again, hard for us humans to understand.
We assume that a shelter is a bad place and that all animals will do anything to avoid one. We assume that if an animal starts hanging around our place we MUST do something. We assume that an animal that goes missing is desperate to be found. We assume that we know what an animal wants or is thinking.
Well, you know what happens when we assume, right?
I love when someone reaches out to find out what an animal in their life wants or needs. I mean, that’s what I’m here for, to help the animals get their messages and lessons across to their humans. The tricky part in all that is getting us humans to accept the information we receive. Even if it doesn’t make any sense.
Live and learn in Munay.

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