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Do you recognize me?

I’ve written before about how I recently started studying Mediumship in a 2-year mentoring and coaching program. And it’s going really well. I’m super psyched that I’m doing it and by that I mean both participating in the program and actually connecting with Spirit. It’s pretty cool to talk with the folks I’m reading and see how the messages they’re receiving from their loved ones in these readings help them. Which is kind of the whole point.

But one of the things I’m asking myself since stepping in to this work is this. Are our loved ones on the other side happy and light and friendly now just because they’re over there, or are some of them the same mean, grumpy people they were here? Hear me out.

I was recently in a Development Circle (when a bunch of Mediums get together to practice reading each other) and someone brought in my Grandfather. The funny thing was that the Medium was super intimidated by his energy and almost unable to hold the connection because of it. She described him to me in pretty much the exact way that I knew him to be. Very unapproachable, very large, very intimidating, not warm and friendly, someone I was kind of frightened of, someone I hardly knew because he never spent any time with us. Now this is the way I personally knew him to be. He was different with other people from what I understand. And that’s when it first hit me. I was like, ‘Huh? I thought maybe he would be a nicer person over there?’ But then I thought, ‘Wait, does he have to come through like that in order for me to recognize him in a reading?’ 

Second example of this. I was reading a client and I brought in a Grandfather and Grandmother. And it was kind of hard for me to figure out how to diplomatically tell my readee that these guys were the exact opposite of warm and fuzzy. They were basically cold as ice and pretty much unapologetic for how they treated family and lived their lives. My readee laughed and confirmed that saying they were both actually as$%*&les. So, if they came in all apologizing, my readee wouldn’t have recognized them. (Although an apology would have gone a long way in this instance…)

One of the goals in a Mediumship reading is to give the readee a message from their loved one in Spirit. It’s beginning to look to me like the folks who come in are the ones who really feel they need to get their messages across to us. And maybe the ones who treated up less than others are those people? Did the mean G’ma and G’pa have a big message for my readee? They really did. Did mine for me? Honestly we never really got that far because his energy made the connection difficult to hold, but my guess is he was hoping to tell me something big. (Like I said, he wasn’t a small man…)

So, again, does someone who was kind of a jerk come through in the same way so we recognize them, or are some still jerks on the other side? This question will definitely come up in my next call with my mentor, but just in case…I’m going to remember how important it is for me to ‘do the work’ on this side. To try to be a good person. To just be nice. To strive to become authentic. In other words, I’m going to work hard to clean up the s&%t I can while I’m here. So when I get there

I can come through as myself and they’ll actually recognize me. 

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