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Disruption. Sort of giving up. And just seeing how it all works out.

Just like last week’s blog, this one is being written a week or so before you’re reading it. I’m actually writing this while up at the Omega Institute in NY for that Past Life Regression Therapy I’ve mentioned and posted about. (When you read this, I’ll be in Bimini swimming with the dolphins!) Like most of the times I’ve been here in the past, I came up here really looking forward to learning this stuff. What I forgot about the other times I’ve been here is…there’s always a LOT of STUFF that comes up when you do this type of work and even before and after you do this type of work. And that stuff can come up in both emotional ways and physical ways.
As I mentioned in a previous post, there was definitely some anxiety around the two trips I was taking this month. And I thought I had it under control. I did have it under control. Until the night before I left. I found myself unable to sleep and full of worry about making my flights for some reason. Of course all went like clockwork and my trip was perfect. Then there’s this. A few days before I left, I had a reading with a woman and her animal. While I was doing a body scan on the animal, I instantly felt my ears, especially my left ear, ring and become blocked. I assumed this was the animal and told the client. She validated that, saying her dog was 16 years old and pretty much deaf. So that made sense. What didn’t make sense was the fact that after the reading, the ringing continued and the block got worse. And somewhere in the back on my mind was the fact that I was getting on two planes three days later and moving in to a week of Regressions and study. Ugh. So I tried to put it out of my mind. Unfortunately, that didn’t help at all. 
Yesterday morning, (again, last week to you guys) I realized as I sat in the dining hall and basically couldn’t hear a thing, that I needed to see a doctor. So at this point I’m actually starting to get pissed. Here I am, out of town, working on something I REALLY want to learn, giving it my all, and Universe decides to give me an inner ear infection making it really hard for me to hear let alone concentrate. (And yes, I’m aware that the Universe didn’t just give this to me, but I somehow manifested it, most likely via all the worry about my travels…) We have a lunch break from 12 to 2:30 most days so right at noon, my friend tells me to take her car and I find my way to the local Urgent Care center. Again, I’m pissed and I’m beating myself up about creating this stupid thing, and I’m all up in my head because I can’t just be easy about all this travel, and I’m worried about missing something if I don’t get back to class in time. So I see the doctor, he finds the beginnings of the ear infection, gives me some meds, warns me about flying and tells me to stay out of the water. Huh. ‘Okay,’ I’m thinking to myself, ‘three days from now I have to get on two flights back to NC. Within 24 hours of that I have to get on three flights to Bimini. Where I’ll be leading a group SWIMMING with wild dolphins.’ As I’m mulling all that over in my head, I get to the pharmacist who says he’s behind and it will probably take him like 20 minutes to get my prescriptions ready. It’s now 1:45, I have a 15 minute ride back to campus and class starts up again at 2:30. But I have no choice but to wait so I sit down near the counter. And watch him deal with no less than five people coming up to that counter. He’s all chatting away, they’re all sharing their days, etc. And at that moment, that moment when I was just about to start crying, I just sort of gave up. I just said, ‘Okay, whatever. This is all happening for a reason and me worrying about it all isn’t making it any better. It is what it is. Whatever is supposed to happen here, is going to happen and I’m just going to see what that is.’
About 10 minutes later, he calls my name and hands me the meds, I calmly make my way back to campus, get a refreshing iced latte and a power bar, and sit down in my seat at 2:25, just in time for a great afternoon of learning. 
Today, as I was sitting here thinking about what to write, I pulled an Oracle card. ‘Disruption.’ And I realized…
Disruption isn’t always a bad thing.
Live and learn in Munay.

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