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Mysterious electrical ‘stuff.’

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked before about M.E.S. before. When my Mom was alive she loved working with the hubby and I whenever we did renovations around our house. She fancied herself a bit of a ‘do it yourselfer’ and would try to do as much as she could around her house. But sometimes, especially if it was electrical, she’d call my Electrical Engineer hubby over. So one time we go over to their house and there’s an issue with her light. The hubby spends like 1/2 an hour on it and finally says, ‘Ah! I got it. It’s M.E.S.’ Mom’s all excited to learn a new electrical term and is ready to write down what that means and the hubby says, ‘Mysterious electrical shit.’ My Mom laughed like hell and continued to use the term whenever she could for the rest of her life.

Cut to 2017 when I was in the agonizing position of having to make the decision to put one of our dogs down. I remember being on the phone with a fellow Animal Communicator as she was reading him (it’s pretty hard to connect with your own animals in this situation because there’s a whole lot of attachment there, so she was helping me out). So of course I’m crying and asking why I couldn’t hear from my Mom, she had passed a few years before and I was usually able to connect with her for messages and guidance, but it really felt like I couldn’t this time mostly because I was so distraught that our energies weren’t even close to a match so even though she WAS reaching out, I couldn’t receive. So my friend and I get off the phone and I have to go to the bathroom. So I’m sitting there crying (sorry, TMI, I know…) wiping my eyes with toilet paper, and the bathroom fan turns on. I look up at the switch and it’s off. I turn it on and it stays on. I turn it off and the fan shuts off. And then turns right back on again. Later that night and weekend the hubby changes the switch, fools with the fuse box and still it keeps happening. M.E.S. And I realized it was my Mom doing what she could to get me to listen.

Cut to last night when I’m in bed unable to sleep, but not really stressing about it and I decide to try and connect with Mom. I’ll admit, I’ve been a little pissy with her lately because I’ve been going through this crazy stuff in my life and she’s been NO WHERE. (But of course, again, I know she has been here, I’ve just not been able to raise my stressed out and a bit scared frequency to match hers so I’m missing her messages.) So I ask her where she’s been and we do manage to have a little conversation. But I do say, ‘Mom, I need a clear cut sign that you’re with me on this whole ride!’ And then I think I fell asleep. But then I’m woken up by three metal type bangs coming from somewhere in the house. So I get up and check around and can’t find anything. When I come back to the room the hubby is awake and I ask him if he heard it too. He did not. We both try to go back to sleep when we hear it again, this time twice. So we both get up and go to the kitchen where we think we hear it. We’re standing there for like five minutes and kind of starting to laugh when it happens again. And we’re like following it around the kitchen. FINALLY it happens when the hubby is standing right next to the exhaust vent thingy that raises and lowers behind the cooktop. It was trying to raise and run by itself and kept hitting the metal teapot sitting there making a knocking sound. So I start laughing again, ‘Do you think this has something to do with me asking my Mom for a sign that she’s with me during all of this?’ He laughs too, and says, ‘Go to bed and stop playing with Spirit.’


It’s pretty cool. Thanks Mom. 

Live and Learn in Munay…

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