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Be the frog.

Last week I had some amazing client sessions. And they kind of covered the spectrum…animal, human, Spirit, and Shamanic. I was most excited about the Shamanic sessions I did because I hadn’t done them in awhile and they brought me back to my roots so to speak. The very first type of energy work I learned was with Shamans from both of the Americas. The practice I offer is called an Illumination and Lost Soul Retrieval (you can get an idea of what it is on my site here). One of the things I liked most about working with Shamans from Peru were how real they were. They were reverent when they needed to be, but also funny, and kind, and playful. They loved life. In short, they just ‘were.’

I remember when I was in ‘Shaman School’ one of the teachers told a story about a visiting Shaman from Peru. One of the students in that particular class spoke the language so was asked to take the Shaman to Walmart for I believe socks. Now this particular Shaman had at some point in a previous visit tasted gummy frogs. You know, the candy. Gummy worms, but in the shape of frogs. So while they were in Walmart looking for socks, the Shaman finds the candy aisle and decides he wants gummy frogs. After searching for a bit, they don’t see them, so the student goes to find someone to ask if they have any in the back. When he and an employee come back they find the Shaman moving up and down the aisle saying, ‘Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit’ and kind of jumping forward. The student asks the Shaman what he’s doing and the Shaman says, ‘Being the frog.’

Hysterical of course, but the lesson was pretty awesome too. Shamans believe that to attract something, you must become it. If you need rain in your village, you don’t ask for it then wait, you become the rain. And when you become something, you know it is. Kind of heady, right? But the more I think about that lesson, the more it resonates with me.

According to the Law of Attraction, one of the best ways to manifest something is to act as if it already is. The Universe feels your vibration and matches it. So. What is it you’re looking for?

Be that.

Live and learn with love…

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