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Are you happy?

I have this sign hanging on the wall of my living room that says,

hap • pi • ness
n. liking what you do

It’s a definition. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. I remember years ago my friend Cathy and I were talking with someone else and this person said something to the effect of, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to love what you do?’ Cathy and I both looked at one another and him and said in unison, ‘We do.’ I was thinking about that today as I looked at my calendar and got super psyched about the clients I would be talking to throughout the week. And I realized that one of the reasons my friend and I love what we do is because we’re being ‘of service’ to others. She’s a massage therapist of many years with a full client load and I’m not sure she was meant to do anything else. You can feel it in her room. Just love, peace, calm, and happiness doing what she does no matter who is on her table. And I hope anyone who connects with me in person in my office or over the phone feels the same way. Because I really do.

Before each client reading I start with a prayer, not a prayer we learned growing up in church, but a direct conversation with what I refer to as ‘God/Spirit/Universe.’ I ask GSU to be with me and my client during the reading. I ask that they help me be as clear and accurate a channel as possible. I ask them to help me release any attachment to outcome or ego. And finally…and most importantly…I ask that they allow me to be of service to the humans and/or animals I’m working with in that reading. And then I let go. And I trust that my prayer will be answered. And every, single, time, GSU does just that. So even if it was a hard reading…say an end of life situation for an animal, or a Mediumship reading where I’m with someone grieving a human loss…I’m happy, grateful, and fulfilled at the end of the reading. NOT because ‘look at me being all psychic! I rock!’ but because I was able to give something to my client. He or she came out of our reading having shifted in whatever way GSU wanted to help them to.

Full disclosure, the person I was talking about at the beginning of this is the Hubby. At the time, he was pretty unhappy with his job. So he did something about it. Is he still in the same industry? Yep. But now he’s working with someone who is a really good match to his own energy. Someone who wants to put good out in the world. Someone not attached to ego, etc. So for the Hubby, that’s all it took.

So I guess my point here is to challenge you to check in about what you do. Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Do you feel grateful at the end of your day? If not….

Maybe it’s time to start liking what you do.

Live and learn with love…

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