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Are you glowing?

I posted a cute little saying on Instagram (geri_karabin_intuitive)… a few days ago…

“You glow differently when you’re actually happy.”

I don’t know who originated it, so if it was you, thank you because it’s pretty awesome. I’ve said it a million times but it’s all about the vibration we’re putting out there. When you’re happy, feeling good, you glow. Right after I posted that a dear friend called to bounce a little mantra she was working on off of my head. You see when we say certain things, we start to think about them and after we keep thinking about them we start to believe them. So it’s a really good idea to try to be thinking about good stuff…stuff that makes you glow…as often as possible. She and I basically talk to ourselves all day every day telling ourselves all about those things we’re intending to manifest. (Good thing I work alone…) She was playing with one of those mantras and totally got that it just felt slightly ‘off’ meaning…she wasn’t totally glowing when she was saying it.

And all that made me think about how important it is to ‘feel’ your way through just about everything. Recently I’ve had several clients receive very similar messages in their readings all about feeling their way through things and how that’s what they needed to do to start living the life they love. I’ve had a HUGE amount of stuff going on in my life lately. To the point where I’m moving very rapidly from one thing to another with barely any time to think about what I’m doing or more importantly how this stuff is making me feel.

When I teach students about opening up their intuition one of the things I really try to nail home is being totally transparent when they’re reading an animal or a human. Meaning you say EXACTLY what you’re seeing, hearing, or feeling. I haven’t been doing that for myself lately. Instead, I’ve been forgetting about that stuff and just pushing through, trying to force myself in to feeling good about it. Even though I wasn’t.

This quote was a great reminder to me to sit back, close my eyes, and tell myself exactly what I’m seeing, hearing, feeling or just plain knowing. It reminded me that if I honor those feelings…

I glow.

Live and learn in Munay.

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