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Animals. They’re amazing. (or, ‘Signs Part 2”)

If you read my blog last week, you know I posted about signs. How we ask for signs, but then often don’t accept the ones we get because they weren’t the ones we were hoping for, or not as clear as we wanted. And, you’ll also know that we were working on making the decision to help our dog Gibbs transition out of this life onto his next. That happened Saturday morning. So hold that thought for a minute.
About a year and a half ago, this feral cat showed up in our carport. So, of course, RK decided to throw him some food. I shouldn’t say ‘him’ because we have no idea if this little thing is a male or female because we’ve never been able to get closer than about four feet to him/her. I feel he’s male because that’s how he comes in to me when I read him so let’s just call him him. Actually, we’ve named him Marco so let’s go with that. So Marco has definitely decided to call this house his home base. He’s there in the carport every morning waiting for RK to give him a scoop of food, and he’s often there later in the day looking all cute and sad waiting for RK to fill his bowl again. Which, of course, RK does. But, Marco NEVER comes close and he has NEVER come in to the back fenced in yard area when we or the dogs are back there.
So the other night, the day we put our boy Gibbs down, we were devastated. It was a full moon and we decided to have a little mini fire ceremony in honor of him (it’s a Shaman thing….). It was a little earlier in the evening and still sort of light out. We lit the fire and were sitting there in our sorrow. I’m not sure what RK was asking for, but I was asking for a sign that Gibby was ok, and with our other dogs and my Mom and RK’s Dad, etc. I just needed a sign. Yep, another one.
All of a sudden, RK says, “Ger, look over to the gate.” I lean slightly forward in my chair and look at the gate and there, sitting up strong and proud and confident, is Marco. In the fenced in back yard. Just staring at us. It was as if he was there to pay his respects. He sat there for a few minutes, then lied down. Then he stretched and put his head down and just relaxed there for a few more minutes. And as we watched him he got up and walked even closer to us, to the edge of the pool and started to drink from it. He wasn’t stressed. He wasn’t wary. What he was doing was giving us a sign. Then he gave us another one. He walked over to the grassy area and peed. Which to RK and I was exactly as it should have been….because we started cracking up. As Jeff Foxworthy would say, “Here’s your sign…”
Animals. They’re amazing…
In Munay…

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