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An oldie but a goodie.

As I sat here in front of my computer the other day wondering what to write about while on the phone with a friend, she suggested I go back and look at my old posts and see if any of them could be updated. So I did. And I found out that this will be my 250th blog post. Which is kind of crazy. I’ve been writing these and posting for that long. Now the cool thing about that is that they’ve changed…which means I have. And I’d like to think for the better. When I look back and read some of them I feel they’re still relevant, and I still own them, but if I talk about these topics today I talk about them in a different way. It feels to me that I’m now sharing MY experiences within my topics as opposed to telling YOU how to. A very big lesson for me.

So in honor of my 250th blog post…here’s an oldie but a goodie. (And yes, I talk about the Law of Attraction…a lot.)

From June, 2015:

Let’s Start With the Law of Attraction

Okay, so here’s the thing. Everything is energy. I’m energy. You’re energy. The keyboard I’m typing on right now is energy. The smartphone or computer you’re reading on right now is energy. So, since everything is energy, that means your thoughts are energy too. And all of these energies are moving at different frequencies. 

So, let’s talk about those thoughts for a second. Positive, happy, joyful thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency than negative, fearful, sad thoughts. And…here’s the BIG thing…

When it comes to energy, like attracts like.

So let’s say you’re having a really good day. You wake up and you feel great! You say, “Man! Today is gonna be an awesome day!” You easily pick out the perfect outfit for the day. Your spouse has made breakfast for you. You hit no traffic on your way to your job. You get a great email from your boss/friend/customer/client. All day long, good stuff just presents itself. Everything seems to fall in to place. You’ve got a smile on your face all day.

Now let’s say the opposite happens. You wake up feeling like crap and instantly say, “Man, today is gonna suck.” Well NOW you’ve set the wheels in motion. Remember, thoughts are energy and like attracts like. So…. You stub your toe trying to get to the closet to pick out your clothes only to find everything’s dirty. You go to brush your teeth and you’re out of toothpaste. Not only has your spouse NOT made you breakfast, but he/she has left a pile of dirty dishes in the sink and a greasy mess on the stove. 

See what’s happening here? You’ve put out your thoughts and the Universe sends you a match to those thoughts.

So, the question is. What are you thinking?

Live and Learn with love.

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