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An ‘A-Ha!’ moment and practicing what I preach.

I did a quick little Instagram video on my page last week. It was about this ‘A-Ha!’ moment I had during a class that I’m taking. The class is based around intuitive life coaching so it’s really enhancing how I’m working with my Shamanic clients and Law of Attraction coaching clients. When I’m working with these clients, I use my intuition to see what’s going on with them. So I basically connect to them energetically and receive information about their personality, how they’re feeling, how they’re doing with a certain issue, etc. Now, because of this class, I’m also connecting with any guides my clients have. And it’s really making these sessions that much more powerful!
But that’s not the A-Ha thing. During class we were talking about how once we help a client figure out what’s going on with them and why they’re exhibiting a certain behavior, we assign homework to them. So here’s the first A-Ha! moment and the one I talk about in that video I mentioned. As humans, when we figure out what it is we’re doing wrong, or when we figure out what behavior it is we need to change, we try to force that change or wrestle it to the ground. We try to overpower that behavior and WILL ourselves to stop doing it. Which, from a Law of Attraction standpoint is fighting against. “I’m going to do everything in my power to try to stop doing this thing that I shouldn’t be doing!” So, we’re keeping that ‘thing’ activated. When in reality, the best thing we can do when we realize that we’re exhibiting that behavior, is to just be aware of it…then move on. What?! That’s the homework.
The simple awareness of the behavior is enough to make a shift in that behavior and move us in the right direction.
A-Ha! As I said in my video…no wrestling required. Kind of freeing, right?
Now this. The other day I was practicing the techniques we were learning with a few fellow students. As you can imagine, we work on a lot our own ‘stuff’ during these classes. Before I got together with these guys I was trying to figure out what I wanted to work on, in other words, what issue I needed to give my fellow students so they could coach me. But, I mean, come on, I do this for a living. So naturally, I know what all my ‘stuff’ is, why it’s coming up, and the behaviors I need to change, right? Wrong. So I pick this ‘thing’ that’s been coming up for me lately, knowing full well why it is and what I need to be aware of so my behavior can shift…and my fellow student connects with me and my guides and tells me it’s something completely different than what I just KNEW it was. And you know what? It made WAY more sense to me than what I was originally going with. So since then, I’ve done my ‘homework’ and simply become aware of that thing I’m doing and why I’m doing it… In other words,
I’m practicing what I preach.
(And I can literally feel it shifting…)
Live and learn in Munay.
Ps. I’ll be leaving for Past Life Therapy training with Dr. Brian Weiss in just a few weeks! Stay tuned for more about that!!

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