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Allow the medicine. Whatever it is.

Yesterday (last week by the time you read this) I had oral surgery. My doctor took pieces from the roof of my mouth and stitched them to both sides of my lower gums. A quick and easy deal for him, but a fairly painful process for the patient. Therefore, they definitely need to use Novocain…like six shots of it…so they give you the option before hand of staying awake for those six shots or getting one shot of something that sort of puts you out so you don’t care at all about the other six.

Me: ‘Um, one please. Ya know, so as to make the other ones disappear from my mind.’

The day before my surgery I went to my friend a massage therapist who also does this amazing lymphatic drainage thingy on me. I kind of wanted to prep my body for the onslaught of all this drug in me. She knows my ‘issue’ with needles so we were talking about the best ways to talk yourself in to relaxing as it’s happening. That’s when she mentioned a colleague of hers who has studied with Shamans and lives in Peru. There is a particular herbal medicine that many Shamans take during their apprenticeship that causes some extreme (that’s putting it mildly…) reactions in both the body and the mind. This colleague of hers said that one of the things they tell you when you’re in the throes of those reactions is to ‘accept the medicine.’ And I was like, Wow. For some reason that made a huge difference in me and I kept thinking about it all night.

(Full disclosure: I changed it to ‘allow the medicine.’ I’m a word person and ‘accept’ still felt a little ‘forced upon me’ so I opted for ‘allow.’ I know, I’m weird.)

Whenever I’m in a doctor’s office, my blood pressure sores. No offence to any doctors out there, but I really don’t think there are many times when anyone goes to one of your offices and has a really good time. There’s poking, and prodding, and pain, and embarrassment, and often bad news. Now I know that most doctors really are there to keep you healthy, but it kind of sucks that keeping healthy hurts so much. But when I started saying ‘allow the medicine,’ it really helped me shift that mindset. It really helped me know that sitting in that chair getting that needle in my arm was a good thing!

Then I started thinking about the work I do with clients. Whether they’re Animal Communication, Life Coaching, or Shamanic clients, there is always a lesson that person needs to understand. There’s always something they need to do to move forward in more positive ways. And they have the choice to accept the information they receive…learn the lesson and do the work…or disregard it and just keep moving through life the way they always have so nothing changes. This too is medicine. It’s energetic medicine. The lessons we learn in life, even the ones that throw us for a loop are there to help us move forward. And we have a choice. Do we fight it or

Allow that medicine…

Yesterday, I allowed it. And it was the easiest needle stick I’ve ever had…

Live and learn in Munay.

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