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All the things.

This past week, my dog Gigi has been having a bit of a hard time. We thought she had a stroke because she seemed to be exhibiting all the signs of one, but it turns out she has ‘old dog vestibular disease.’ Which is kind of like vertigo in a human. It’s an ear thing that causes them to almost completely lose balance and not be able to walk well. That’s what’s been happening with her all week. BUT, she’s most definitely on the mend and here’s why.

Being an Animal Communicator, I talk to animals just about every day. But, I know I’ve said this before, I can’t always talk to my own animals. If it’s something silly like about whether they like the tuna better than the chicken, well I can do those. It’s the ones I have a great deal of attachment to that I can’t. Now Gigi is a Shepherd and is going to be 13 in December. That’s like way old for a Shepherd. So, unfortunately, anything that is ‘off’ with her can throw me in to a panic. Yes, I know that her time here with us is limited, and I know what I know about animals who cross…that they’re still with us…but it doesn’t make it any easier to think about when it’s what we call ‘your heart dog.’ That one that you have such an intense connection with it’s like you’re part of one another.

Because of all that I knew it was going to be a challenge for me in connecting to her, so I didn’t. I asked a colleague to do it. And she being who she is, came back with exactly what I needed to hear. I also called my Vet and had a great conversation with her which resulted in my giving her two injections. I set up a distance Reiki session for her with another colleague, and then I reached out to my friend who helps energetically release things in a client’s body and balance it. In other words, as that Vet of mine and I always say, “I did all the things.” 

And that made me think. How AWESOME is it that we have access to ‘all those things?’ In other words, we really don’t have to give our power away to a situation or issue. We can approach any situation from all different angles. And it’s my belief, that all the things work in perfect harmony with one another. 

I’m lucky that I’ve found a whole bunch of modalities that work in my life. They help me feel like I’m doing all I can, but they also help me remember that once I do that, I can let go and watch to see what happens…

And it’s usually something really, really good.

Live and Learn with love.

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