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Accept the signs you’re given…

My close friends and some family know that our Gibby boy…aka “Best Boy Ever”…is just about done with his time here with us. Yep, he’s working his way towards transitioning, crossing over, croaking, dying…whatever you choose to call it. We, of course, are devastated. Anyone who’s been in this position knows just how incredibly difficult it is to decide when to step in an help an animal along with this transition. And yes, I know some of you are probably saying, ‘But you call yourself an Animal Communicator! How come you’re not just asking him if it’s time?!’ As many of my AC friends will tell you, it’s super hard to communicate with your own Animal. You’re just too close…. You can’t seem to separate the love you have for this animal and the things you WANT to hear, with the things you’re actually hearing. Fortunately for me, I have some very good friends and fellow Animal Intuitives that have ‘checked in’ with Gibbs and me along his journey. Libby and Julie? If you’re reading this? I love you for that guidance. You see, I know that if I just ask for a sign, I’ll get it and be able to make the decision feeling a bit better. Makes sense. Except….
The problem with that is not with Gibbs. It’s with me. A human. I’ve asked for the signs and gotten them. But then I’ve second guessed them. I’ve said, “Yes, but he’s still eating! So that can’t REALLY be a sign!” and “Yes, but look how much he’s wagging his tail! So THAT can’t really be a sign!” Oh, I’ve had plenty of signs. Unfortunately, none of them have been Gibbs looking at me saying, “Mom, I’m tired and I feel crappy and this cancer is kicking my ass and I’m in pain. I’m completely ready to go and would appreciate it if you could help me out with my transition. It’s not too early or too late and I will not hold it against you. I’m ready and I love you and Dad. Thanks.” But it just doesn’t work that way.
Please know that in writing this post, I’m not asking for sympathy about what RK and I are going through, although I know how loving my friends are so totally expect you’ll do it anyway…my point in this is to let you know that….
Sometimes you have to accept the signs that you’re given instead of waiting for the signs you want…
In Munay…
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