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If you write it, it will come…

I had this like perfect ‘all things intuitive’ day the other day and it was awesome. It was funny because I recently started my yearly ‘5-minute appreciation’ journal. So I get up in the morning and soon after write down three things I’m grateful for or appreciate, three things that would make my day great, and then some ‘I am’ statements. It really just kind of starts my day off right. So the other day one of the things I had written was I wanted to have some really good readings/connections that day. And darned if I didn’t. And it was awesome.

My day started out recording a couple of podcasts with my partners in crime, ‘The Psychic Wives,’ where we did live readings on two people (here’s a link to the podcast on iTunes, the one with the readings will post next week). After that I had a client reading that was awesome. The connection with the animal was super strong and my client left with answers to a bunch of questions. Plus she was laughing and felt much better about things so that’s ALWAYS a good thing! Then I caught up with a friend I hadn’t spoken to in quite a while and we had this super great discussion about all kinds of things including being our authentic selves and ‘feeling’ our way through things. (Something I tell my clients to try to do all the time. Meaning I tell them all the time and encourage them to do it all the time.)

Then that night I had my regular Mediumship Circle where we practice our psychic and mediumship skills on one another in a bunch of different ways. It just helps us stay sharp. In Circle I practiced with someone I had never been paired up with before. Turns out he’s a Medical Intuitive who wants to start his own podcast and he asked me if I’d be a guest Animal Communicator on it. Of course I said yes, but only if he would come on our podcast as a guest and talk about his practice. So that was a super cool connection right there and THEN we had a super cool psychic connection to boot!

So what’s the point in all of this? The point is, it really can be as simple as asking for what you want. As they say, 

If you write it, it will come.

So tell me…or better yet…tell the Universe. What is it you want today?

Live and Learn in Munay…

ps. Don’t forget to check out my podcast with ‘The Psychic Wives’ here on iTunes! And give us a Like! 

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