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A very good thing…

So last week I mentioned that I was heading up to the Kripalu Yoga & Wellness Center to assist in teaching a Level 1 Animal Communication class with Danielle MacKinnon. I’m writing this blog from here. If I were to say it’s going really well it would be an understatement. I’m having a blast….and learning a ton.
As one of Danielle’s Certified Professional Practitioners and one of her Teaching Assistants, we have to read in what we call Labs. Those are live mini little webinars where fellow students gather once a month to practice and be coached. I’ve ‘read’ in several labs and actually enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, the first time I had to read in a Lab I was terrified. It can be a bit disconcerting to sit there in front of 20 people and do your psychic thing. A lot of stuff can come up when you’re first starting this work and there are a bunch of people watching you, albeit on the computer.
So we arrived here at Kripalu Sunday night and started class that same night. For the first day and a half, we basically start laying out the foundation of how to go about reading an animal. The students in Level 1 often have never connected psychically to an animal and are kind of nervous and feeling out of their element. So, as part of laying out the foundation, Danielle usually does a demo on the first or second night and opens it up to anyone who happens to be at Kripalu (or wherever she’s teaching) not just her students. During the demo, she tells a bit about her story, explains a bit about Animal Communication then picks two or three people and does a little mini reading for them. She basically connects psychically with the human, then their animal, then helps the human understand what it is the animal in their life is trying to help them with. What I do in a reading, just an abbreviated version of it.
So last night, after dinner and a little break, I arrive back to the room to meet Danielle and see if she needs anything. She doesn’t, but she does say, ‘I have a little surprise for you.’ Now for most of us if someone says something like that we think, ‘Oh goodie!’ But that’s not usually how you feel when Danielle says it to you. (Lol…) When Danielle says it it means she’s going to ask you to step out of your comfort zone. (And she says it with this slightly wicked little smile…) The good thing is, I’ve known her for a couple of years now and am used to her saying that and have learned that it’s always better to just take a deep breath and go with the flow. I’m guessing you can see where this is going by now.
Last night, after Danielle finished her intro and her explanation, she calls me up to the front of the room. She’s decided we’re going to do tandem readings. We both connect, we both read, and we both share. In front of like 40 people. Live. No preparation. 40 people. And they were live.
And I had the time of my life.
Was I nervous? Yep. Was I concerned I would blow it? Yep. But I did it anyway. Which is the whole point of this blog. Since I started to really step IN to this work, I’ve had to really step OUT of my comfort zone. But…as Martha Stewart would say…
That’s a good thing.
Live and learn in Munay.

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