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A hell of a day at sea sir.

I’m writing to you today as I sail through the Mediterranean on my way to Malta and then on to Italy. I wrote before how the hubby and I were taking a REALLY long vacation for the first time in like forever and how I was a bit anxious about it. Well we’re on day eight and for the most part it’s been pretty cool. But, I went in to this pretty much knowing I’m not a cruise person (and ‘putting that out there’) and as it turns out…I was right (because I’ve been putting that out there…). But, this trip has been really good because every day we’ve been in a port and have had much of the day to just walk around with our friends and do what we’ve wanted to do. And THAT has been awesome. Each day we’ve done sight seeing, taken a load of amazing pictures, laughed our butts off with our friends, shopped, and then sat in fabulous little cafes eating wonderful French and Italian food and sipping tasty wines and beers.

Today is our first day ‘at sea.’ Meaning, no getting off the ship. And although I was actually looking forward to it (because all of those awesome things I mention above are great but exhausting), the Law of Attraction has kicked in and so far it’s kind of sucked. Lol! As I said, I’ve been saying to myself, “I’m not really a cruise person.” So, of course, I’ve been bringing all the things I’ve been thinking I wouldn’t like about a cruise right to me. Way too many people. No where to sit and just be quiet. No reliable WiFi. (I know! I know! I’m on vacation and I shouldn’t be doing anything that needs WiFi. But face it, we need it at least a tiny bit each day.) AND, full disclosure here, I am TOTALLY directionally challenged. This morning my husband left our room early to get something to eat and scope out some chairs (which is harder than it sounds on an ‘at sea’ day). I was texting him for about an hour, struggling with WiFi, and have yet to find him. He keeps saying stuff like, ‘I’m where we were yesterday.’ Which means absolutely nothing in my head. I’m assuming at some point we’ll either bump in to one another or both end up in our room at the same time.

My point in all of this is to remind you all that the Law of Attraction is real and it works. I’ve been telling the Universe that I’m not a cruise person because of various things…and I’ve encountered each of those things in like the past 2 hours. So, enough. Here’s what I want to say about a trip like this:

  1. Don’t make assumptions. I came here really looking forward to seeing Italy and being ambivalent about France. When in fact the south of France is absolutely incredible. Like the best EVER.
  2. You don’t need to go on the ‘excursions’ and follow the crowds. It’s often so much better to let your intuition guide you and see where it leads you.
  3. Travel with good friends. It’s a blast. Because you laugh constantly.
  4. The servers and entertainers on these trips are incredible people. Ask them about themselves, you learn so much. (And BE NICE! They work harder than you ever have.)
  5. Don’t worry about how much you’re eating, just enjoy every bite.
  6. Have a camera in your hands at all times so you don’t miss the amazingly beautiful things in this world.

For now, I’m going to go make it a hell of a day at sea.

Live and Learn in Munay.

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